Druck UPS-III loop calibrator

Two of these calibrators were dead. One probably when someone connected it to 230V or an other high voltage source. A lot of dead parts. I demonstrate some alternative ways of short finding using a fluxgate probe and using a temperature meter.

The other one was dead too, but I think someone tried to repair it because the display flex cable was torn. I repaired this but it had more issues.

The total video is a small part of the total repair. There are no manuals, the PCB’ s are glued together, signals go from board to board and back and you can not reach them while clicked together. Things like the flex repair are very difficult and time consuming. Often just one or two parts are dead, finding them without schematics can be a challenge. In the fried one, a lot of parts were dead. And this was “easy” because I was lucky a second dead one was send in just after I started with the first. Now I could compare and swap some things as a test. Together it was 10 hours of work.



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